The Rosie Project Book Review

I may be a little late to this party, but I just have to share how much I loved The Rosie Project!

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Many of you may know that I was a special education teacher before I was a mom, so I almost always enjoy reading books, whether fiction or non-fiction, about people with special with special needs.  The Rosie Project is about Don Tillman, a highly intelligent genetics professor who also happens to be quite socially inept.  Don’t worry, that isn’t an insult.  Don is quite aware of his own social incompetencies and his rigidity to schedules.  Even after researching and giving a presentation on Asperger’s Syndrome, Don still doesn’t seem to quite connect the dots.

Don has just a few close friends, and even fewer girlfriend prospects.  Knowing that his personality quirks affects his dating life, Don decides to embark on The Wife Project.  He creates a formal survey which he will give to all potential candidates to determine if they meet his extremely high standards.  If they pass, which very few do, then they can be considered for wife material.

In the midst of wife hunting, Don is introduced to Rosie who proceeds to turn his neat and orderly life upside down.  Because of her many eccentricities, Don quickly excludes Rosie from The Wife Project.  Yet he is drawn to Rosie and goes to great lengths to help her with a major life project of her own.

I really adored this book.  It was a quick, light-hearted read.  They say opposites attract and in Rosie and Don’s case, this seems to be true.  You will find yourself chuckling out loud to this sweet rom-com.  And rumor has it that Jennifer Lawrence will star as Rosie in an upcoming movie production of the Rosie Project.

If you loved the Rosie Project, check out the sequel:

Big Little Lies: A Book Review

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty is without a doubt one of my favorite books of the summer!  Madeline, Celeste, and Jane are an unlikely trio of friends and who are about to face a considerable turning point in each of their lives.  While battling their own inner demons, they are waging war of another kind on snarky kindergarten moms.

Big Little Lies

It is the first day of kindergarten at the public school in the charming little seaside town of Pirriwee near Sydney, Australia.  Madeline and Celeste have been good friends for quite some time.  When Madeline takes a fall in her fancy new high heels on her way to school, Jane comes to her rescue and becomes Madeline’s personal hero.  When Jane’s son is accused of assaulting another child on the first day of kindergarten, it is Madeline and Celeste who come to her rescue.  The three, despite their many differences become close friends who would do anything to protect their children.

Celeste is a mother of twin boys and is wealthy beyond belief and carrying around a dark secret.  Madeline is a middle-class suburban mom of three who is trying her best to maintain a blended family.  And Jane, who can’t seem to stay in one place for long, is a very young, very shy single mother of an only child who has a secret of her own.

The story leads up to the school’s annual trivia night.  Throughout the book, we are given snippets of investigative interviews which leads us to believe that a major turn of events will take place on trivia night.   When the big night finally arrives, each of these three women discover that the truth can, indeed, set you free.

I loved the friendship that these three ladies shared.  Liane Moriarty develops the most genuine characters that are so incredibly relatable.  I found myself wanting to be friends with these ladies.  If you are looking for a fun book with plenty of plot twists, then Big Little Lies is sure to please!

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