Girl Waits With Gun book review

It has been awhile since I’ve reviewed a book.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been reading in that time.  I’ve read plenty, but I’ve also had many other obligations to tend to.  Finishing up my online class in the fall took precedence and was soon followed by the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  I’ve just started my second online class to renew my teaching license and I’m crossing my fingers that it continues to be less rigorous than the literacy class I took in the fall.

The latest book that I’ve read is Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart.  This spunky and delightful read is based on the true story of Constance Kopp and her two sisters who were the focus of an intimidating gangster in the year 1915.   Historical fiction is not a genre that I’m usually drawn to, although I almost always enjoy reading it once I get started.  When I read the review for this book in our Sunday newspaper, I immediately added it to my Goodreads list.


Stewart, who is best known for writing non-fiction books about botany, creates a fantastic tale in turn of the century New Jersey.  City girls turned country spinsters, the Kopp sisters lived their daily lives trying to avoid the limelight until one fateful summer day when their horse and buggy collides with an automobile driven by the notorious Henry Kauffman.  In attempting to seek payment for their demolished buggy, Constance seeks out Mr. Kauffman.  What she gets in return is much more than she bargained for.  The sisters begin receiving threats that would make the average woman shake in her bloomers.  But these tenacious sisters won’t go down without a fight.  They take on arsonists, kidnappers, and gangsters all while trying to protect a secret of their own.

This was such a fun and delightful read!  If Mrs. Stewart were to write another historical fiction book in this same style, I would be one of the first in line to read it.

If you enjoy historical fiction featuring brave and daring feminists like the Kopp sisters, I encourage you to add the following books to your to-read pile: