Hello!  My name is Courtney.  I am a wife, mom, preschool teacher, and graduate student.  I married my high school sweetheart 14 years ago.  Together, we have a ten year old daughter who challenges me to be a better person everyday.  My husband and daughter are my everything.  Their support in all of my crazy life plans is never failing.

I love to read!  At one time, I was in two, yes TWO, bookclubs at the same time, so I could simply keep up with two different sets of friends.  Somehow I managed to read both books every month and occasionally fit in a few from my own to-read pile.  Then we moved away for three years and I no longer had a group of local friends that shared the same passion for reading.  I decided to start Worn Out Pages as a place where I could share my love of books with like-minded readers, regardless of location.

Since starting Worn Out Pages, I’ve taken classes to renew my teaching license and have enrolled in graduate school.  We’ve also moved, yet again, and I’ve returned to work part-time as a preschool teacher.  For some crazy reason, I also volunteered to be the leader of my daughter’s Destination Imagination team.  These days, it seems as though life never stops moving for long, but after being stagnant for a few years, the non-stop motion is welcome.   I’d like to thank you for joining me here in this chapter of my life.



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