Gracie’s Song book review

Last week I was contacted by author Michelle Schlicher, asking if I would like to review her latest book Gracie’s Song.  Michelle’s timing was perfect because I was just finishing up another book and looking for a new one to start.  Michelle described Gracie’s Song as a contemporary romance.  I am being completely honest in saying that I didn’t quite know what to expect from a contemporary romance novel.  Was it going to be hot and steamy like a Harlequin Romance novel?  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  You see, romance novels aren’t typically a genre that I seek out.  If a book that I read happens to have a great love story, then I’m almost sure to enjoy it, but a straight up romance novel isn’t something I would generally choose.     Fortunately for me, Gracie’s Song was, in my opinion, contemporary fiction with an element of romance.

 Gracie's Song

Gracie Brannen left her home in Glenwood under mysterious circumstances shortly after her high school graduation, leaving behind her family and friends and a whole lot of unanswered questions.  Among those she left behind was lifelong friend and boyfriend Finn Miller.  Ten years later, she returns home for her mother’s funeral.  Though Gracie has grown into a strong and independent woman, it seems that not much has changed in her small hometown.

Gracie quickly rekindles her relationships with both her sister and best friend and is welcomed into their families.  Her absence is easily forgiven by everyone except Finn, with whom she just can’t seem to reconcile her past.

Gracie’s Song has elements of intrigue that will leave readers on the edge of their seats as Gracie’s past and her reasons for leaving Glenwood are slowly revealed.  This story will break your heart and leave you wanting to know more about some of Gracie’s closest relationships.  While the author didn’t leave any loose ends, Gracie’s Song would easily lend itself to a sequel.

Gracie’s Song is author Michelle Schlicher’s 2nd novel.  I can’t wait to read her debut novel The Blue Jay.

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Please note:  I received a complementary copy of this book to review.  All opinions expressed within this review are my own.