Friday Favorites and Foo Fighters Recap: 8/28/2015

Well, this week has flown by!  It has left us all exhausted and in need of a restful weekend!  We are all overly tired because we just took Grace to her first real concert last night.  She’s seen plenty of live musical performances in the past, but nothing could quite prepare her for her first rock concert!  After Grace got off the bus yesterday, we loaded up the family truckster and made our way back to our old stomping grounds to see Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters.

Ready for Foo Fighters

It was a first for all of us.  While Doug and I are well-seasoned Pearl Jammers, we have never seen Foo Fighters live.  It was a great show and Grace said this morning and I quote, “I LOVED IT!”  It was a memorable show given that lead singer Dave Grohl performed from his throne while recovering from a broken leg sustained earlier in the summer at a European concert.  Even without leaving his throne, Grohl commands the stage and brings serious energy to the crowd.

Grohl on his throne

You may be curious to know why seemingly good, upstanding parents would take their nine year old to a Foo Fighters concert.  Since Grace was very little, she has always listened to and enjoyed our music.  Of course, we had our fair share of kids music around, too.  I can recall a time, perhaps not so fondly, when Grace was about 18 months old that we spent listening to a Fisher Price Little People’s version of “If you’re happy and you know it” on repeat whenever we got into the car.  This went on for at least 6 weeks and included a 14 hour round trip car ride to Tennessee and back.  I feel we paid our musical dues as parents a long time ago.

We started listening to Foo Fighters around the time Grace was 4 or 5 and she loved them, even more so than her mommy and daddy’s beloved Pearl Jam.  So when we realized the Foos were making a stop near us, we felt like it was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss.  After all, our favorite bands of our youth aren’t getting any younger (heck, neither are we) and you never know if this could be their last tour.  That’s why Doug and I take every opportunity we can to see Pearl Jam when they are touring within driving distance of us.

So how exactly does one prepare to take their nine year old to a rock concert?  When we initially asked Grace if she wanted to go, we prefaced it with several warnings.  It’s on a school night and you WILL be going to school the next day.  We will be up late and we will NOT be leaving the concert early because we are tired.  And lastly, it WILL be loud.  After lots of questions that we attempted to answer the best we could, she eagerly agreed to go with us.  If she hadn’t wanted to, we likely would have gone without her and asked one of the grandparents to stay the night with her at home.

As a mom, it is my duty to predict and to be prepared for every possible scenario, so I came armed with a purse that resembled a suitcase by the end of the night.  I packed both earplugs AND a noise canceling headset since neither alone seemed to provide enough ear protection.  I packed her rarely used inhaler, just in case it got smokey.  And finally, I smuggled in a snack for my ever hungry child who seems to have a bottomless pit for a stomach.  I know the way to heart and her stomach apparently.

Be prepared!

She wore both the earplugs and headset through the entire show.  Doug and I each donned our own set of earplugs, as well.  You will note her new swag, which resulted in taking off the shirt she was wearing and tossing it into my saddle bag purse. Isn’t she the best?

The best!

I was lucky enough to be able to capture one of the many sweet moments that I saw her share with her daddy during the concert.  Even though it is dark and grainy, you can feel their love for each other and see how much they are enjoying the show.  She stood on her seat for much of the concert and took breaks when she was tired.  I feel lucky to have shared this memory together as a family.  Hopefully, it is an experience that she will remember for a lifetime!

They have my heart

New on the blog this week:

I reviewed two books this weeks.  Code Name Verity is the beautiful and profound story young two friends working for the Woman’s Airforce Auxiliary during WWII.  Indiana author Sarah Layden writes a sad tale of a young twenty-something attempting to crawl her way out of a pit of despair in Trip Through Your Wires.

What I’m reading this week:  

We did a lot of tidying up over the weekend, which left me free to do some reading this week!  I just finished up And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, which was a library ebook that had come up on a hold.  Then I breezed through The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion in about a day.  Now I’m reading one of Grace’s middle reader books The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke.

What’s cooking in the kitchen:

I made up a batch of Grace’s favorite ham salad to pack in lunches this week.  I had never made, nor had Grace ever tried ham salad up until this past spring.  When we were sent home with loads of ham leftover from Easter, I decided to give it a try.  I loosely followed this recipe by Paula Deen.  I use my own homemade mayo and a combo of both dill and sweet pickles that I chop into a relish.  It was a surprise to me that Grace would love it so much, but she is thrilled when I make it for her lunch!  Do your kids like ham salad?  Have they ever tried it?  It seems like such a throwback!  At least there’s no jello involved in this recipe

Links to Love: 

I just watched this beautiful and poignant video from CBC Radio’s Wiretap.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me tear up just a little.  WireTap: How to Age Gracefully

Well, I think that’s all for this Friday’s Favorites.  Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!

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