Trip Through Your Wires: A Book Review

Twenty-eight year old Carey Halpern should be in the prime of her life.  Late twenties, single with no children, she should be living it up, right?  However, life isn’t so easy for Carey, who is in between jobs, living with her parents, and struggling to crawl out a pit of despair.  Trip Through Your Wires by Indiana author Sarah Layden takes us on a difficult and mysterious journey through Carey’s past in order to help her come to terms with the murder of someone she loved.

Trip Through Your Wires

Carey Halpern seems like the average college student.  She is home for the summer and hanging out at the mall with her old high school girlfriend when she spots Ben tossing pizzas in the air at a pizza shop in the food court.  Ben is also a college student, spending the summer at home in between semesters at a study abroad program in Guanajuato, Mexico.  Rather than introduce herself, Carey takes a different and much more dramatic approach when she decides to enroll in the same study abroad program.  When Carey arrives in Mexico, she finds herself face to face with Ben, who has no reason to believe that they should know each other.  Carey decides to keep her motives to herself and pursues Ben with such intensity that she loses all sight of her immersive education.

Fast forward several years to a Mexican restaurant in her hometown of Indianapolis.  Carey is at her own parting lunch, as her temporary secretarial position has ended.  While eating, Carey sees a brief news segment that new features details of Ben’s mysterious murder, which took place during their fateful year abroad.  As this new information emerges, Carey is forced to reexamine her past in order to move beyond her dismal presence.

I enjoy reading and supporting local authors.  That is one of the things that attracted me to Trip Through Your Wires while visiting Books N’ Brews in Indianapolis a few months ago.  Also, as a high school student, I visited Mexico for a short time as part of an exchange program.  I looked forward to a chance to revisit my experience, if only through the pages of this book.

In what seems to be a common theme among many leading female characters in today’s popular fiction, I found myself struggling to empathize with Carey.  I wanted so badly for her to wake up and see her situation for what it was–a fabrication of a dream that she attempted to create for herself.  Instead, her situation turned into a nightmare that she allows to swallow several years of her life.  Though it was gripping read, I found myself emotionally detached from the characters.  With nothing more than a thread of hope for Carey to overcome, it was little to cling to in a story with rife with seedy characters.

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