Friday Favorites 8/7/15

It has been a super busy week around here!  We left for Pittsburgh on Friday and spent 4 fun-filled days there.  We got home on my birthday and I spent the next few days catching up on laundry and groceries.

We had a great time in Pittsburgh.  I hope to write up another post about what we did but, in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview…


I also read a few books while we were away.  I’ll get around to reviewing them soon!

Books I read on vacation

When Doug and I were on a date in Indianapolis a few weeks ago, we stumbled into Urban Styles Furniture and Gypsy Market.  If you ever get a chance to stop in, I would highly recommend it.  This store has the most unique and eclectic home furnishings.  It is so much fun to stroll through.  While I was there, I saw these awesome book letters and fell in love with them!  At more than $25 apiece, they were a little out of my thrifty budget.  Well, my sweet guy surprised me bought some from Etsy for my birthday!  He had to open his own Etsy account and everything.  He’s the best!  And don’t you just love my book letters?

Book letters

Does anyone else have a garden this year?  I have to admit, I really neglected mine earlier this summer.  With all of the rain, it kind of just got put to the back of my mind, so my herbs and lettuces suffered.  But I am finally getting some cucumbers!  And I might get lucky and get a few zucchinis.

Garden cucumbers

Grace mentioned that she would like to make pickles, so I knew exactly what I was going to do with all of those cucumbers.   She also mentioned that her great-grandma used to make pickles, so I asked my mother-in-law for the recipe.  While I waited for the recipe to come in the mail, I found another quick and easy recipe for microwave bread and butter pickles.  The ingredients are very similar to my husband’s grandma’s recipe.    I didn’t have mustard seed or celery seed, but instead used ground mustard and celery salt.  I also used less than half the sugar, because one cup is a whole lotta sugar for what ended up being just about a pint of pickles.  They were really tasty and again, very simple to make!

Microwave bread and butter pickles

School starts next Wednesday and we have packed our schedule full until then.  And I already have a “to-do” list for myself!  It’s getting pretty long and mainly consists of cleaning.  So, tell me, do you have a list of tasks you want to accomplish once school starts?


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 8/7/15

  1. Laura

    Our neighbor just gave us a monstrous cucumber. I’ve been googling pickle recipes and finding LOTS, but most are to make a huge batch. Care to share your recipe?

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