Friday Favorites 7/31/15

On Fridays, I will be featuring some of my favorite things from my life and around the interwebs.  Today’s post will be the first of my Friday Favorites!

Back to school is quickly approaching around here!  Grace starts 4th grade on August 12th, but many of our friends start on Monday.  So, we have been all about the back to school shopping.  A friend shared that The Children’s Place was having an huge online sale, so we shopped from our kitchen!  It was fabulous!  On top of their already great discounts, if you search the web for coupons, you can save an additional 20%.  We got all of this for around $80!

Back to school clothes

Back to school shopping also means shoe shopping!  I usually let Grace get a few pairs of shoes–tennis shoes, something casual, and often a pair of fashion boots a little later in the season.  She already had a pair of Tom’s that I had set aside from a great Zulily sale earlier in the year and we took care of the boots at Target.  The only thing left was tennis shoes.  But, we needed two pairs!  One for everyday wear and the other to be left at school for gym shoes.  This is what she decided on for her everyday pair of shoes.

Grace's new kicks

Aren’t they fun?  She is WAY cooler than I was in 4th grade.  Lucky girl!  We bought these Brooks Adrenaline from a local shoe store where they measured her for exact size.  My growing girl shot up one and a half shoe sizes since the beginning of the last school year!  It won’t be long before she is shopping in the women’s shoes alongside her mama.

Thank goodness for online shopping and back to school kits!  All of Grace’s school supplies will show up in her classroom ready for her on back to school night.  It makes this mama’s life a lot easier!

Another thing that makes my life easy?  The barbecue grill.  After a very mild and rainy start, it is finally beginning to feel like summer around here, which means it is getting HOT!  I hate turning on my oven and heating up our whole main living area, so the barbecue grill is a great alternative.  And if we use the grill, that usually means that I get a little help with the cooking.  My husband is the designated griller and smoker around here, and I love him for it!  Earlier in the week, I had set out a chicken to thaw and it needed to be used.  I’d seen recipes for spatchcocked chicken, in which you remove the backbone from the chicken so that it lays flat and cooks more evenly.  I’ve never spatchcocked a chicken and I’m not sure that we’ve ever grilled a whole chicken, so I thought we’d give it a shot.  We used this recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple.  Grace loved the spice blend so much that she was trying to sneak tastes of it while I was preparing it!  Here’s what our chicken looked like on the grill.  The wires are from our remote thermometer:

Spatchcocked Chicken

To go along with our chicken, I wanted a nice summer salad.  I had been craving one of those crunchy Asian noodle slaws, so I picked up a pack of gluten free ramen noodles and went about finding a recipe.  I decided on The Kitchn’s crunchy cabbage and ramen noodle salad.  It exceeded all my expectations and was just as tasty as I remembered!  The one exception being that I used rice ramen noodles.  They were a bit too crunchy for us and pretty flavorless, so I decided it wasn’t even necessary to include them.  This salad will definitely be going into my lineup and will probably be the next thing I take to a pitch-in.

Lastly, I love Goodreads!  I know that many of you already follow me there, but if you don’t, I’d love for you to join me there.  It is such a great way to keep track of all of your books.  I have a never ending list of books that I want to read thanks to Goodreads!  You can find my profile by clicking here.  I’d love to have some new friends to follow!



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 7/31/15

  1. Laura

    So glad you were able to find so many cute things for Grace! I’ve never grilled a whole chicken before. How long did it take to grill? I might have to add it to our list of things to try!

    • Sorry, I’m just now seeing your comment! I need to figure out how to get notifications. LOL! The chicken took about an hour on the grill. It’s a nice alternative to roasting in the oven and a lot faster than the crockpot.

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